This Shit CRAY! – But real talk

This subject is close to my heart and It’s to all the ladies, gentlemen and the not so gentlemen out there. So here’s the thing…the life we live in is so effed up right now, that we got girls trying to be the guys..what’s up with that? I mean I was at the train station a couple days ago, and I see this girl trying to get some guy’s number, and I stood there thinking really? Society has changed us so much that ladies now feel the need to play the role of the guy, I mean think about it, us girls gotta treat our boyfriends like we’re their mums…for real though, these guys run over us, they expect you to buy them like a £100 trainers for a birthday present and they can’t even get you something for valentine or remember your birthday! (Not all guys do this but this is for the majority that do, do it) The moral of the story is ladies you need to let your man treat you like you deserve to be treated, with pride and respect, don’t sit your ass there and expect to be respected….DEMAND IT!

For the guys out there, that treat their ladies with respect, keep doing what you do, but if you feel you ain’t getting the amount of respect/love back..well tell that chick she gots to go! – I’m out.


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