HO HO HO! Merry Christmas!!!

-Sings out of tune- Doesn’t it feel like Christmas! If you’re reading this post right now, well you ought to be thankful to God, because you made it this far. A lot of people died and because of that they are unable to see today (25-12-2011) but you can. Put all your troubles aside for one night only and shake that body that Jesus gave you!!! Can we give a moment of silence to pray for those who died in the War, car crashes, 9-11, bombings or any fatal death and I would like to say a special prayer to my beloved Father who died on 11-09-2011, Dad I love you with all my heart and although I never got the chance to know you the way I wanted to, although I was too stubborn to keep in touch with you before your dying day, I still have a soft spot for you in my heart that no man or woman can ever reach but you. R.I.P Dad I love you and Wish you a very Merry Christmas where ever you are and tell God and his family I said Helloooooooo. Oh yea, and Dad I got into University! I bet you’re proud huh? 🙂 Merry Christmas Guys, make peace with all your loved ones that you feel like you drifted apart from, it’s better late than never, party hard and stay safe. – I’m out.


Who are you?

Dope Song. But pause and listen to me..I want your undivided attention when I Talk to you about this topic…

You are who you are. You are what you are. You live for you, no one else. There is nothing wrong with being you, ignore what people say and just be you, that’s the only way you can be comfortable and happy with you. This post is for everyone out there having doubts about anything in life. I mean you can’t live YOUR life trying to please other people, cause at the end of the day, bitches will keep bitching, haters will keep hating so what’s the point in changing who you are?

If you are ashamed of the way you look or your size, don’t be, just eat healthier and you’ll notice the difference in due time, there’s no point crying or feeling ashamed or letting people run over you, because of your appearance, if you feel like you don’t like who you are or what you are, change it for you, not for anybody else, because those who matter don’t mind and the mother fuckers who mind don’t matter and remember you don’t have to be like or look like the people you see on TV or magazines, all that shit is Photoshop. Nobody’s Perfect.

What else..hmm Bullying..there’s been a lot of issues going on about bullying, and people commintting suicide due to bullying, well here’s a little message for you; it is not your fault that you are being bullied, it really isn’t. All you need do is to know and learn and realise that God loves you, no matter what, he always will, and also remember that you are in this EARTH FOR A REASON. Try to be addicted to the ignore button in your head and ignore all the BS. Cause none of all that shit will matter when you do you. Remember we can’t always have things our way, people hate cause you got something they ain’t. “Life is not always fair. ‘Sometimes you get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow.’ – Terri Guillemets

Is The World Really going to end in 2012!!

I’ve been hearing talks about how the world is going to come to an end in 2012! People these are all rumours, I mean there was a time when I believed it but Jheeze the news is so 2000. Y’all remember 2000 was the millennium year and everyone said the world was going to end? Well It didn’t..so what makes think It’s going to end now?

To be honest I don’t know if it is or if it isn’t but as long as I have God on my side, I shall fear no evil or death. Just be prayerful. I would say more on this subject but then I’ll have to talk about the Illuminati and Nostradamus and I don’t got time for that. Besides the suns life span is so far away, that none of us will be alive when it happens so Why be scared? – I’m out.

Kelly Rowland Sexy Abs DVD OUT!

The DVD for Kelly Rowland’s Sexy Abs with Jeanette Jenkins “The Hollywood Trainer” is out!! This DVD goes on the top of my Christmas wishlist. I saw a clip of it on Youtube and I tried one of the workouts..Just one and it feels like my whole body is bleeding on the inside, I mean you feel pain when it’s working right? Actually I’ll answer that..YES! Man I can’t wait to get my pay check and cop a copy of the DVD.. BTW I think I have a girl crush on Kelly. Thumbs up to Kelly and Jeanette. Job well done. Y’all Check out the clip and voice your opinion, down below v_v and Ladies if you want to loose that Christmas pounds, then YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS DVD – I’m Out.

This Shit CRAY! – But real talk

This subject is close to my heart and It’s to all the ladies, gentlemen and the not so gentlemen out there. So here’s the thing…the life we live in is so effed up right now, that we got girls trying to be the guys..what’s up with that? I mean I was at the train station a couple days ago, and I see this girl trying to get some guy’s number, and I stood there thinking really? Society has changed us so much that ladies now feel the need to play the role of the guy, I mean think about it, us girls gotta treat our boyfriends like we’re their mums…for real though, these guys run over us, they expect you to buy them like a £100 trainers for a birthday present and they can’t even get you something for valentine or remember your birthday! (Not all guys do this but this is for the majority that do, do it) The moral of the story is ladies you need to let your man treat you like you deserve to be treated, with pride and respect, don’t sit your ass there and expect to be respected….DEMAND IT!

For the guys out there, that treat their ladies with respect, keep doing what you do, but if you feel you ain’t getting the amount of respect/love back..well then..you tell that chick she gots to go! – I’m out.

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